Saif Ali Raaz-Digital Marketing, SEO ,Visas & Immigration Consultant, Travel Technologist.

Saif Ali Raaz-Digital Marketing Consultant, SEO, SEM, Analytics, Google Adwords, Visas & Immigrations, Marcomm Technologist


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What is SEO ?  What is Search Engine ? 

Majority of the people around the world, when they need to search something on internet, they interact with search engines, like, and, and there are many other search engines too, but greater percentage of the people us, the reason behind using google, is the user experience (UX), provided or offered by the google. According to google, 100 Billion search occurs  every month on google, and 93% user who use internet, interact with the search engine to look for their answers or products vice versa. Google is the first search engine for users on internet where youtube comes second after google, which is owned by google corporation too. When a user search on google, they either use android mobile phone for google search, or Apple iPhone or Laptop and Desktop PC.  Google search engine is very responsive and user friendly to attract its users and keep them engaging to keep searching on google.  

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